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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a necessary service for every restaurant to keep a safe and clean kitchen environment. Our hood cleaning services keep your kitchen equipment working properly and safely while protecting your investment in state-of-the-art cooking equipment. Clean kitchen exhaust systems prevent fires and keep your restaurant up to code with fire safety regulations.

Hood Filter Cleaning

The most vital part of the entire kitchen exhaust cleaning process is purifying the hood filters. Smoke debris and all kinds of gunk begin to accumulate within your hood filters. It is essential to the air quality of your kitchen, that the smoke produced from your stoves be properly ventilated through the hood filters. Our meticulous cleaning process ensures that your entire kitchen exhaust system including your filters be cleaned thoroughly to provide efficient and safe ventilation throughout your entire kitchen.

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The last step of the hood cleaning process is to purify and clean out the exhaust fans residing on the roof of your commercial kitchen. The kitchen exhaust fans are the last place where smoke debris accumulates before leaving your restaurant. This final step of cleaning allows for even better ventilation and clean air throughout your kitchen.

Appliance Steam Washing

Keep the rest of your kitchen sparkling clean with our appliance power washing services. Avoid unnecessary fire risks by keeping carcinogens and grease build up away from your kitchen’s appliances. Once we have serviced and cleaned all of your hood filtration systems we can easily add on a washing service for all of your appliances at an affordable cost. 

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Floor and Roof power washing

We can literally clean and power wash everything in your kitchen from the floor to the ceiling including all of the walls as well. Grease and all kinds of gunk will build up around your kitchen and especially behind appliances that don’t get standard cleaning on a daily basis. For these extra dirty jobs a power washing or steam washing will be necessary to provide the proper cleaning that your kitchen needs.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

The garbage and grease that daily gets taken out to your dumpsters inevitably begins to find its way onto the floor and around the dumpster pad. This causes many issues including: fire hazards, due to grease on the floor, unpleasant odor for your visitors, and finally, a source of food for bugs and rodents to be attracted to your restaurant. We can keep your dumpster pads clean and smelling well with our pressure washing services. Save on each service by signing up for our monthly or bi-weekly dumpster pad cleaning service.

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